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41701 implants

41701 Implants

Dental implants in 41701

If you’re missing teeth, Herald Family Dentistry is an exceptional resource for the restoration of your smile. Equipped with the most sophisticated dental imaging technology and instrumentation, we’ve been providing state-of-the-art replacement options for missing teeth for years, and will take the time to develop the best possible solution for you. Whether you stand to benefit most from customized dental bridgework, dentures, dental 41701 implants, or implant-retained prostheses, you can count on our experienced dentists to produce the highest quality results.

Losing one or multiple teeth can make it difficult to laugh, smile, and speak with confidence. Our dentists understand what a difference replacing missing teeth can make to your overall quality of life. Dental implants represent an innovative and effective approach to addressing tooth loss, and come closer to recreating the look, feeling, and performance of your natural teeth than any other options to date. Designed to replace your teeth all the way down to their roots, 41701 implants insert directly into the jawbone and extend upward to just above the line of the gums. At their lowermost root, implants fuse to the bone over time, conferring an unprecedented level of stability for securing a prosthesis above. And above the gumline, a custom restorative crown or fixed bridge can be fabricated to anchor securely into place. Whether you’re seeking the replacement of single teeth or all teeth along a dental arch, implants can be used singularly, or placed strategically to secure a full implant-retained denture. Beyond the stability and exquisite realism implants provide, they also confer a variety of healthy benefits. By stimulating the jawbone, they help to retain your natural facial contours, and promote overall jaw health. And as any experienced dentist will tell you, healthier jaws make for happier jaws!

To learn more about what dental 41701 implants can do to help restore your smile and overall quality of life, plan on scheduling a consultation with us. Conveniently located on 525 Alexandra Pike, Suite #330, we’re just a short trip away! To plan your next visit, call today!

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